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Inclusivity and Skincare – Happy Pride Month


Jacqueline Felker June 2020 @whattheFELK

As June comes to a close, it also marks the end of Pride month. Pride is a special time of year to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, and this year reminded us all how much we need to not only celebrate, but protect and fight for Black trans lives, not just in June, but every single day. For far too long, Black trans people, especially trans women, have been marginalized more than any other group, and until there is equality for them, we must continue to fight.


Romer Skincare was founded on the principle of inclusivity. The gender neutral products were made for everyone. Romer wants everyone to feel comfortable in the skin they are in. That no matter your race, age, gender, sexual preference- we all deserve to feel confident and beautiful. Confidence starts from within, and clear, healthy and hydrated skin allows us to feel outer confidence. We’ve all heard the phrase “when you look good, you feel good”, but we are bigger believers in the opposite- if you feel good, you look good! It starts from within and feeling good inside leads to us looking good on the outside. Inner confidence gives us all the ability to stand up for what we believe in and makes us stronger, better people.


2020 is only halfway done, and it has been unlike any other year in our lives. While it is important to be aware and active with everything going on in the news, it’s also important to take care of yourself. Someone recently said to me, “if you’re not taking care of yourself, how can you take care of anyone else?” and it’s so true. Don’t forget about self care and self love. Take care of yourself so that you are putting your best self forward!

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